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Here are the welcome instructions you receive when arriving at our chalet

We’re delighted that you have decided to rent our chalet. You won’t regret it. In addition to the information below, there’s a lot of other background stuff on our website:
It’s also worth checking out the Les Arcs website:


Getting there
The chalet address is Chalet La Creme Anglaise, Villaroger Le Pre 73640 France.
If you're driving you you'll find Bourg St Maurice easily enough. Take the Val d'Isere road out of Bourg until you get to Ste.Foy (15mins). Turn right to Villaroger just after Le Monal hotel, go though the village square and continue up the hill to Le Pre. After several hairpins you'll see a restaurant called L'Aiguille Rouge on your right (7mins). Park there to unload. The chalet is 30 yards along a path which runs to the left of the restaurant. You'll see a 'Gites de France' plaque above our door. You'll need chains after any snowfall, though they clear the roads very efficiently.

A couple of points about police activities in the area. The tunnels from Lyons to Bourg all have speed cameras which are always operating, as are many of the radar control points. And the Bourg police have regular random spot checks on seat belts and mobile phone use. They tend to hang about on the first roundabout as you're driving into Bourg from the chalet. You have been warned!

Our summer changeover day is on a Saturday. In order that the chalet can be cleaned in time for your visit, please arrive no earlier than 4.00 p.m. on the Saturday of your booking and vacate the chalet by 9.30 a.m. for cleaning to be done before the next clients. These timings are essential as our cleaning team needs a good 6 hours to turn the chalet round.

About the Chalet

Getting in
The front door has a coded lock; the code is changed each season.

Sitting and Dining Space

Music: As the acoustics on the top floor of the chalet are second to none we have installed an excellent sound system, so bring out your favourite CDs or to plug in your iPods. For background music and weather reports we use Radio Les Arcs: FM 93.4. It gives forecasts in English at every half hour from 8.45a.m. RFM (FM 99.2) has more middle of the road music in the evening.

Games etc: are kept in the pine chest of drawers behind the dining area.

Fire and fireguard: As you will see, there are enough logs outside to do more than a season. There is a hoist on the balcony to lift the logs on to the second floor, which saves you having to lug them up the stairs.
To make lighting the fire easy there is a Grenadier hot air torch. A few bits of paper, some thin logs and 10 minutes with the torch aimed closely at the paper should get you a roaring fire going. However, the torch is not a toy, so please take care.
We have had several near misses with fire hazards and would really appreciate it if you could use the fireguard whenever you leave the sitting area - even for dinner! Logs can spit and there goes the carpet!
In the event of a serious fire issue there are fire extinguishers on every floor. Locations are on a notice next door to the larder. We pray you have no need for them.

Kitchen and Larder Room

Oven: This is fairly straight forward. Instructions are on a hook to the left of the microwave. In general we use the oven on 'cuisson traditionelle,' at 220 - 240 degrees for a roast and less for anything else like, say, a casserole. For faster cooking use 'cuisson ventilee' (fan assisted). Try not to mess around with the timer on the right as it can be unpredictable: you could end up with nothing cooked on time, if at all!

Hob: The 4 ring hob needs no explanation

Extractor hood: This works at full blast when the slider control underneath is just short of the end stop. There is a light under the hood on the right (a white button)

Saucepans etc: There are loads of saucepans (beneath the hob) and bowls, serving dishes, cooking bowls, jugs and sauce boats of all shapes and sizes (under the worktop to the right of the fridge). Also a powerful mixer in the cupboard under the oven.

Larder-cum-wine store: Is to the right of the kitchen It has a large freezer with many drawers and a drinks fridge which is also handy for keeping extra bulky vegetables etc.
If you need them, the vacuum cleaner, ironing board and iron etc. all live in here. You'll also find spare bulbs above the fridge.

Dishwasher: This machine doesn't really like 2 in 1 tablets. It's better to use liquid or powder to avoid the glasses becoming milky.

Laundry Room
This is on the ground floor next to the bunk room and instructions for use of the washing machine are on the shelves. The dryer is fairly straightforward, but is one of those that needs to be emptied, so every time you see the green light flashing, it is a sign that it needs emptying (which we do in the bath next door). The catch for the door is stuck, so just open it by hand.

Should you need the heating there are individual space heaters in all the rooms and bedrooms. In most rooms the top switch is on/off and the bottom switch controls the heat. In all weathers 2 - 3 orange notches up from the bottom should be more than sufficient. One or two rooms have dial heat indicators: in this case level 4 should be ample.

The water is heated by 2 giant 750 litre tanks in the laundry room. They are turned to 70c; any hotter and you will be scalded. You should have enough for 12 decent baths per day!

The main fuse board is on the right of the front door in the ski room. If the lights should blow, all the fuses are clearly coded and are on trip switches. Spare light bulbs/spots are on top of the fridge in the larder room.
Just inside the door of the laundry room is a panel which controls the water heating and the ventilation system for the loos and bathrooms. The only switch that you need to check is on is the EXTRACTOR which takes unpleasant odours from all the bathrooms etc.

As in all mountain villages, drains can be a nightmare. So please put nothing except loo paper down them. There are bins for other paper etc.

There are two wooden sheds in the car park for rubbish, plus a bottle bank. Please do not leave rubbish outside the chalet as the local dogs may tear the bags apart and leave an unsightly mess.

House Rules regarding cleaning materials
You should find all the necessary materials: loo paper, soap, etc. in all the bathrooms and in the top of the cloaks cupboard in the downstairs hall.
We also keep loads of cleaning materials, dishwasher liquid, salt and rinse-aid under the sink in the kitchen and items like large (100 litre) black bags, tin foil and cling film in a kitchen drawer. It would be appreciated if these could be replaced if you finish them. Also, if you spill something horrible on the carpet there are spot carpet cleaners under the sink which will sort out wine, coffee etc.

Notice Board
You will find lots of business cards etc. pinned on the notice board to the left of the fireplace.

The chalet number is 04 79 06 96 00. Feel free to use it for local calls, but please note that if you make international calls we suggest you use the wifi.

Looking after you

Chalet Maintenance
Nick at NV3 Property Services NV3 Property Services operate a 24 hour emergency number of 0675 107709. NV3 are available in event of dire problems like if anything goes wrong with the equipment or the plumbing etc. They also handle the cleaning on changeover.

The cleaners will arrive promptly at 9.30 a.m. on the Saturday of your departure to get the chalet ready for the next guests, so be ready to leave by then. All we would ask is that you strip the beds you have used so the cleaners know which ones need to be changed. Also please start the dishwasher with your Saturday breakfast items before you leave. If you are staying for 2 weeks the cleaners will come in to change the sheets, towels, etc. on Saturday.

Baby Sitting/Child Minding
If you are proposing to bring children who are too young to take with you during the day there are creches available; but frankly our advice would be to bring your own nanny because the creches will work out to be pretty expensive. You could also try the or

Food and Drink Shopping

In Villaroger
There are no shops in the village. Goyet restaurant just round the corner from the chalet will supply bread and croissants for your breakfast if you order them the night before. You can buy home made cheese and pate from La Ferme in Villaroger Le Pre.

In Bourg St. Maurice
For a major stock up there are two large supermarkets in Bourg St. Maurice: SUPER U and INTERMARCHE. Both are located close to the last roundabout before taking the road in the direction of Val d'Isere and Tignes. Both are open all day Monday to Saturday; Intermarche is also open on Sunday from 8.30 to 11.45a.m.
Slightly further into Bourg, on the left past the station, there is a smallish LIDL. Not a great shopping experience but good for basics at rock bottom prices. Open Monday to Saturday: 7.00p.m.
And if you want to splash out on a big fish, the POISSONERIE DE LA VANOISE is first class. Again on the left past the station just before the BP garage: Tel: 04 79 07 08 51

In Ste. Foy
There is a small epicerie for basics (and fresh bread daily). This is behind and to the side of the Hotel Monal. You can order bread there with M. Gapihan for your week, giving La Creme Anglaise as your name. Most basics can be bought here if you run out of things. It's open every day.
You can buy wine from the cave at the Hotel Le Monal: it can be a bit expensive but the wines they sell there are, without exception, good.

In Seez
There is a very good butcher on the left as you go down towards Bourg. There is a small grocery store on the right and a good boulangerie further down on the right: Chalet du Pain

Other Facilities

Doctor Dr. Regis Gobert, Place de la Mairie, 73640 St. Foy Tel: 04 79 06 92 22

There is a pharmacy in Seez at the end of the village on the left as you go towards Bourg. You can't miss the neon green cross. They are very helpful. There is another bigger one in the centre of Bourg in the street at right angles to the station.

Follow the road out of Bourg to the last roundabout up on a hill, opposite the BP garage. Turn right and you will find signs to the hospital. Tel: 04 79 41 79 79

There are four Banks in Bourg St. Maurice - 2 of which are in the street right opposite the Station. Another in Arc 1800.
Opening hours: Tuesday - Saturday 8.30 am - 12 noon and 2-5.30 p.m.
All have ATMs, as does SUPER U (to the right of the entrance)
There are also ATMs in Arc 1600 and 2000 but, be warned, they only appear to work intermittently.

If any of your party are arriving by train at Bourg St Maurice there are taxis at the station. Tel: 04 79 07 03 94.
In Villaroger, Jean-Paul Robin runs the taxi service. Tel: 04 79 06 93 93. He has a people carrier and can take up to 8 though at a price! He does get pretty booked up so we would recommend plenty of notice.

Tourist Office
The main one is opposite the station in Bourg. Tel: 04 79 07 12 57

The police station is on the left on the way out of Bourg. Tel: 04 79 07 22 81

Eating Out

Eating Out: There are many eating places nearby but you need to check if they are open during the summer season. One minute walk away is the Goyet Restaurant where you can eat, get fresh bread and croissants daily as well as freshly cooked 'take aways'. Best to look at the eating places listed on our at our winter web site and ring to availability.