Mountain Biking / Cycling

Being in Vanoise National Park you get the great views and being Les Arcs area which has a network of designated mountain biking trails covering 200 kilometres of terrain you get great biking. There are downhill runs and practice parks. One trail even ends a few yards from our chalet!

Many of the ski lifts are open in the summer specifically to take bikes up to as high as 2700m (so no pedalling uphill!) The ride down to our village at 1200m is quite something.

We have a large terrace where bikes can be safely stored.
There is lots going on in the cycling/biking world:-
- Tour de France 2016 - Stage 19 passing through the nearby town of Albertville on 22nd July 2016
- Enter the Enduro2 Alpine Endurance Bike Race5 to 7 August 2016 - Shiver Hunter Biking Endurance Event. Sign up for the 
Shiver Hunter Biking Endurance Event
-  7 August 2016  Bourg-Saint-Maurice Night Ride
-  27th - 28th August  The legendary Arcadienne Downhill Biking Race
-  There is the Les Arcs 1800 Bike Park that comprises:
                    -  177 km of marked trails from 2600m to 800m
                    -  23 runs including:
                             9 DH (2 green runs, 3 blue runs, 2 red runs, 2 black runs)
                             5 Enduros (2 green runs, 1 blue run, 1 red run, 1 black run)
                             2 Cross Country (red runs)
                             7 liaisons
                             7 Practice parks
                             1 Freestyle area in Arc 1600 with 2 Northshore lines (aerial courses in the forest made up of aerial gantries)
                             1 Slopestyle, linked obstacles more or less aerial
                             4X natural course made up of jumps and banked corners allowing several riders to go at the same time

Here is a link to some awsome local cycling routes